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Thank-you for your interest in becoming a part of Team One. Team One is a small private company that provides medical standby services and EMS instruction. We are licensed by the State of Alaska as a prehospital emergency services agency and, as such, provide onsite medical standby at sports activities and community events in Southcentral Alaska. Though we have some advanced scope of practice, we are a basic life support agency.  Since we are contracted to remain at an event, we rely on local EMS agencies and fire departments for transport as needed.

Many of our EMTs are also certified as instructors and teach First Aid, CPR, First Responder, and EMT courses. Most of the courses are taught in our classroom, though we also teach corporate classes onsite at medical offices, schools, and other facilities. We also occasionally teach courses at remote sites that require travel. EMT staff that are not certified as instructors are encouraged to assist certified instructors with classes.

All of our staff work part-time for Team One. We have an online calendar that is accessible by staff, who can then select which activities and classes they would like to work. EMTs typically work 1-3 event shifts per week. Paid training is on the second and fourth Tuesday evenings and is considered mandatory. Starting pay is $10.00 for the probationary period. From then on, pay is contingent on certification level and longevity with raises provided each 6 months. Benefits include uniforms and paid training (including training to become an instructor). All staff are covered with liability insurance and workers compensation.

We look for employees who are good at public relations and work well with our team.  Each of our staff must have an excellent knowledge and skills at a minimum of an EMT-1 level. A good level of physical fitness is also important as we often work at sports events and may have to carry equipment, lift and move patients, and ride a bicycle with 35 pounds of medical equipment. 

If you are interested in employment In such a position with Team One, please download the application below and mail it to Team One with copies of your current certifications. Once we receive it, we will contact you to arrange for an interview. Feel free to give us a call or email us if you have any questions or concerns regarding employment with Team One.



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