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American Heart Association
CPR - BLS for the Provider


Upcoming Class Schedule:  January 20, 2024, 10:00am



Cost:   $90 (in-person)

           $100 (blended)


This course is designed to provide information and skills necessary to recognize and treat heart attacks, cardiac arrest and choking in infants, children and adults.

Who should take this class? The CPR-BLS course is designed forTeam One Alaska CPR/AED for the Provider healthcare professionals who need a basic life support certification for their employment as healthcare personnel or who need it to satisfy the prerequisite for nursing school or EMT training programs. 


Cancellations/ Refunds

Should a student cancel a class less than five days in advance, they will forfeit the entire course fee, but they can transfer the registration fee to another course. 


Traditional in-Person Course 

Once you have paid your tuition, you can pick up the workbook for the class at Team One.  Materials will also be available at the class.

Location:  5431 East 30th Avenue in Anchorage on the northwest corner of 30th and Boniface Pkwy.

We can also teach this class at your location at a time and date convenient for you for a minimum of 6 students.

Call 907-929-3900 for more information.


Blended Course         

           Can't find the time in your busy schedule to take a CPR-BLS course? The blended training is especially appropriate for professionals taking the course to recertify or update their existing training. People who are taking the course for the first time should consider taking the regular classroom course.

         The cognitive portion of the CPR-BLS class can be completed online. We will send you a code to your email that will provide access to the cognitive portion of the course. Once you have completed the course, just print or email your certificate of completion back to us and give us a call at 907-929-3900 to schedule time for your skills session with a certified AHA instructor. The $100.00 tuition fee includes both the online and skills sessions will be charged at the time of registration and is non-refundable.

The blended format results in the same AHA certification as the in-person course. 


All AHA certifications are now emailed directly to the student from the American Heart Association Center. This may take up to 2 weeks to receive the certification.


 If you are planning a company-sponsored class

If your group would like to schedule a class,

 If you have any questions. 

Call Team One at 907-929-3900 for information



To Register, call (907) 929-3900.





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